The State of Texas takes probation violations seriously when they occur with an offender within their judicial system. When someone fails to follow court orders, the individual can expect to be punished. When an individual is released on the terms of probation, it is considered a second chance for the person to create a life and thrive on the outside of the prison or jail system. These conditions do typically come with some restrictions, but you are otherwise free to live your life outside of prison or jail. When you violate probation and are accused of a probation violation charge, your freedom is truly in jeopardy, because there is a chance that you may return to the penal system without a chance to enjoy parole again in the future.

Types of Probation in Texas

There are two types of probation terms available in Texas. One is known as a deferred adjudication. Successfully completing this type of probation typically means that your charges are dismissed. No further action is required of you if you don’t violate your probation in any way. The second type is called straight probation, which is when you found guilty by a Judge at sentencing but receive probation in lieu of going to jail. There is a set number of months/years one is required to abide by their rules for probation.

About Probation Violations

Some individuals violate probation and are not aware that they have done anything wrong. Probation violations can include failing to check in with probation officers at scheduled appointments, being arrested again, failure to pass a drug test, failure to pay fines, or perform community service or failure to maintain employment while released out on probation. Probation violations will depend on the specifics of each defendant’s case in Texas, but these violations are taken seriously by the probation authorities.

Penalties for Probation Violation

If you violate probation, there will be consequences that occur as a result of not having followed the probationary rules. A warrant is issued in most cases and will require an attorney to have the warrant recalled. In cases of ONLY administrative violations it is possible that a notice to appear in court (commonly called a summons) is issued after a probation violation. In either case you will need an experienced attorney.  In the case that you have to go to court, the prosecution will present evidence of this violation. If you’re found guilty, you will receive a sentence at your hearing. In the meantime, you have may have a longer period of probation or go to jail during the interim before your case is adjudicated.

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