As with everywhere else in the country, offenses involving controlled substances in Texas should be taken very seriously, but an Austin drug-crime lawyer can help get these charges reduced or dismissed. The attorney will learn all the details of the case, then work hard to draft a strong defense for their client’s best possible outcome.

It’s vital to hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you’re arrested so they can begin investigating your case and working on your behalf to ensure your rights are always protected. When facing drug charges, countless consequences can ensue, making it that much more important to have professional legal counsel by your side every step of the way.

Facing Drug Charges for Possession or Distribution of Illegal Substances

Being charged with a crime is undoubtedly scary, especially when you’re facing the possibility of years behind bars. A high-quality legal team by your side can help. If you’re charged with a drug offense in Austin, you need to contact The Law Offices of James Gill, PLLC as soon as possible. We’re equipped with knowledge of all criminal and drug laws in Texas, and have the resources necessary to give you the best chance of avoiding the worst penalties.

Controlled substances are classified into different penalty groups based on their harmfulness to human health, and these penalty groups help the courts determine the penalties for offenses involving illegal controlled substances. The penalties associated with misdemeanor and felony drug offenses in Texas depends on the circumstances of the case.

Qualified, Personal Representation for Narcotics Charges Throughout Austin, TX

Generally speaking, the State of Texas aggressively prosecutes cases when there are drugs involved. This means working with an experienced Austin drug-crimes lawyer is important, and we regularly represent clients accused of drug charges in and around Austin, TX employing a variety of defense strategies to help our clients out.

Our defense strategies include checking for unreasonable searches and seizures, because if a police officer doesn’t obtain a warrant or if our client’s rights were violated, then the evidence obtained in the violation of their rights is suppressed. This can lead to a total dismissal of the charges. We can also evaluate the state’s evidence and find ways to revoke it so a client may get a reduced sentence.

Arrested for a Drug Offense—What should You do?

First, never speak to police about anything regarding the charge without legal counsel present at the time of the police interview—you need to hire an Austin drug-crime lawyer as soon as possible. James Gill and his team can immediately begin investigating your case and building a strong defense strategy. Call our office at 512-448-4560 even if you’re in jail so we can begin assisting right away.

Why Hire Austin Drug-Offense Lawyer James Gill

At The Law Offices of James Gill, PLLC, we have experience representing those facing drug crimes in and around Austin, TX. We conduct our own investigation and review all of the evidence thoroughly. We get your side of the story, interview witnesses, and request additional testing if needed. We also protect our client’s rights every step of the way.

We are skilled at negotiating with the state and attempting to get a plea bargain, or a reduced sentence option if available. We also have experience with drug diversion programs where first-time offenders may be able to get treatment or take drug education courses to avoid jail.

If you’ve been charged with a drug charge in Austin, call to schedule a consultation with an Austin drug-crime lawyer today. The legal professionals at The Law Office of James Gill, PLLC are committed to helping you protect your reputation by helping you get the best possible outcome for your case. Call our law office today at 512-448-4560 to schedule a legal consultation. We can’t wait to represent you!

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