A domestic violence charge is a serious charge that can have lifelong consequences for anyone found in this situation. If you or a loved one are facing a domestic violence offense in Texas, The Law Offices of James Gill, PLLC can help.

You should know that domestic violence charge convictions may require you to pay large fines, and carry the very real risk of going to jail or prison for years. If you have a prior conviction for domestic violence, the penalties may be even more severe as a repeat offender.

Most people want an experienced attorney on their side in this type of situation, and James Gill has years of experience defending those charged with domestic violence and other criminal charges. Our team of attorneys and legal personnel can deliver an effective defense to get you the best possible outcome.

Different Types of Domestic Violence

One of the most common types of domestic violence is physical abuse, which may include the act of the slapping, hitting or kicking of one person by another, all the way up to any injury leading to the death of another person on account of the domestic violence. There are also subtle forms of abuse recognized by the court and associated with domestic violence. For example, if one party makes any attempt to control the other, those controlling acts can be considered a form of abuse.

These and other nuances in the law are where you need an experienced attorney to eliminate questions concerning your case. If necessary, our office will hire psychology experts to help evaluate a domestic abuse case for you. In these situations, it is critical to have an attorney who understands how to properly work for you, gathering evidence to support the best possible defense if you are charged with domestic violence in the State of Texas.

Who Can Be Charged with Domestic Violence in Texas?

In Texas, an act of violence constitutes domestic violence if it is committed against a household member, a family member, or someone that the accused currently is dating or dated in the past. This can include a current or former spouse, a child of a current or former spouse, a foster child/foster parent, a family member by blood, marriage or adoption, someone with whom they live with or a person with whom the offender has had an ongoing dating or romantic relationship.

Common Defenses for Domestic Violence Charges

There are many possible defenses for domestic violence charges in Texas. First, it may be that a victim is falsely accused in order to ruin their reputation or to gain an advantage in a child custody dispute. Or maybe they acted in self-defense. Some type of accident may be involved, and a victim might have injuries unrelated to the actions of a defendant leading to these charges being dropped. There may be a substance abuse problem present, where a defendant doesn’t even have the memory of doing anything at all. James Gill and his team will use their immense knowledge and skills to act as legal advocate for all clients in their domestic violence cases.

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