December 16, 2017

Law Office of James Gill Honors Veterans

Local Austin law firm, that specializes in criminal defense, understands the sacrifice that our nation’s veterans have made. Our veteran’s risk not only their lives but in many cases their mental health as well.   The  hardships our veterans face are numerous. The Law Office of James Gill looks to help veterans in any way possible, the firm will now provide substantial discounts and in some instances free services to veterans who are in need of any legal services that James Gill can provide. The staff of the Law Office has several relatives who have served in our armed forces, so they understand the perseverance and struggle that many veterans have undergone. The Law Office of James Gill is one of the premier defense law firms in the local Austin area, clients are extremely satisfied with the work that is provided. James Gill feels especially grateful to American veterans which is why the discount will be provided to all who have served in our armed forces.