February 21, 2018

Austin DWI Lawyer

best-austin-criminal-lawyer-best-smCriminal and DWI lawyer James Gill is one of Travis County's best legal resources -- and one of Austin's most dedicated criminal defense lawyers -- with multiple five-star Google and Yelp reviews. He is also the Austin Area DWI Chair for the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. UT graduate James Gill can help you with: The friendly staff at the Law Office of James Gill are your advocates if you need legal help, and it's free to talk to a lawyer at our firm to get an assessment of your case. Call 512-448-4560 for legal advice, or schedule a Free Initial Consultation.

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James Gill - Criminal and DWI Lawyer in Austin

James Gill graduated from South Texas College of Law with his J.D. in 2003. After continuing his education abroad and working for a civil litigation firm in Houston, James decided to start his own legal practice in Austin, Texas. He enjoys representing individuals, so he knew from the beginning that his firm would focus on Criminal Law. In addition to his duties as the Austin Area DWI Chair for the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, James participates in the Austin legal community as a member of the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the National College for DUI Defense.
By hiring me you will be dealt with honestly, professionally, and by someone who will fight for your rights. I know what I am doing, and I have the confidence, drive, and ability to represent you the way you deserve. No attorney should guarantee a possible outcome for your case, but you can rest assured that my office will take your case as personally as if it were their own, and that is a promise!
James R. Gill
Austin Criminal Attorney

Austin Criminal and DWI Law Firm

firm-graphicThe attorneys of the Law Office of James Gill provide professional and exhaustive legal services at a fair cost. This all may be new to you, but remember, we've been here before. When it comes to DWI cases and other criminal charges, we anticipate and deflect the prosecution's moves before they make them. Many DWI and DUI cases hinge on a single sample collected by an improperly calibrated machine, or come down to something like whether or not the officer followed complete protocol during the arrest. We know exactly what to look for and will work tireless to disqualify your charges or reduce your sentence.

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You don't want a family member or loved to be stuck in Travis County jail any longer than they have to be. We're available 24 hours a day to assist you in immediate jail release. Call 512-448-4560 for immediate assistance.
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The Law Office of James Gill

Our law practice is located downtown and serves the greater Austin area. Tell us more about your legal situation, whether it's a DWI, DUI, marijuana possession, or other criminal charge. Talking with a qualified attorney is the first step in putting your legal troubles behind you. We’re here to help. Financial assistance available: ask about flexible payment plans, credit options, and free consultations.

DWI Rules of Thumb

Standard Field Tests:
Optional! The police are gathering evidence for their case. You have the right to REFUSE!

Breath Test:
Optional! Again, the police are asking for your assistance in gathering evidence against you. You have the right to REFUSE!


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"James is always my go-to lawyer in Austin." - William Lundquist, litigation attorney

"He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fiercely representing his clients. He's a fighter and I happily endorse him." - David White, criminal defense lawyer

"I used to work with him and can attest not only to his legal skill and his legal acumen but also his depth as a person." - Shane Boasberg, car accident lawyer

"He is passionate about criminal defense and works hard for his clients. Very good attorney." - Carl Ceder, DUI lawyer

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